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Wine and Sex

WINE AND SEX - the perfect combination
In a world infatuated with the wine theme for its proper combination is often discussed. So what goes with wine? The first thing that pops in your mind is the food: Cabernet Sauvignon with roast beef, Zinfandel with pasta Marinara, Pinot Noir with grilled fish ...  

VINO SEXBut wine is more than a complement to your favorite food. Due to their complex texture, unique flavors and mysterious influence on the human brain, the wine has penetrated deeply into all areas of our lives, away from any gastronomic links. For example, wine and the environment. Low lighting, soft music, a fireplace ... Whatever is your idea for the perfect moment, a glass of your favorite wine will add extra charm. There is a mystical connection between wine and bubble bath. Wine and bubbles - a perfect way to relieve stress, strengthen the excitement and stimulate a sleepy libido. Warm bubbles reaching every corner of your body raise the internal temperature and cloud the mind. So warm, you get closer to the threshold of discomfort ... sip wine and swallow slowly. The taste is intense and your body absorbs the sweet nectar like a sponge. Wine goes straight to your head and makes all your problems disappear. Wine and conversation? Not again! Nothing adds more flame to your story from a glass of red wine. What else goes well with wine? There are wine and foreign film, wine and romantic novel, wine and memories of high school. And then ... Wine and sex ... 

12 Reasons to pour a glass of wine (at the moment): 

1. The day was long and a glass of wine will be officially launched the begining of the evening.
2. A glass of your favorite wine will help you relax and improve your overall mood.
3. Regular but moderate consumption of wine has numerous health benefits, so it will take care of good health.  
4. Drinking wine promotes healthy weight loss, so you'll drink for a slimmer figure.
5. A glass or two of wine will give your skin a sexy shine.
6. Playful wine will put a sparkle in your eyes.
7. Wine will make your lips look fuller and your nipples more sensitive.  
8. The wine will put you in the mood for naughty love.  
9. In the second glass, the magic power of wine will make you lick your lips in a very seductive way.
10. The wine will cause naughty ideas in your head.
11. Wine facilitates interpersonal relationships, so sharing a bottle with beloved can start a silly giggle, but have resulted in the disclosure of the dirtiest
secrets and sharing your deepest sexual fantasies.
12. A glass or two can reduce your sexual inhibitions and lead to a passionate session of naughty love. 
There is no doubt that wine and sex make the perfect couple. Drink it in the act - you are going to do naughty things to your partner and let your partner do naughty things to you. But sometimes ... just sometimes - simple sip and swallowing are not enough. Occasionally, persistent wine and sex lover wants to do more than simply devour his favorite wine. He wants to smell, to taste, to look at it ... be intimate with it. So, let's do it! Let him try and play in a manner that will redefine the  ways in which to drink wine and the manner in which to make love. A study of Santa Maria Nuova Hospital in Florence, drinking one or two glasses of red wine a day increases sexual desires in women. The study was conducted among 789 Italian women aged between 18 and 50 years. Drinking red wine not only helps release inhibitions, but also has a direct effect on sexual activity. The women surveyed who drank one or two glasses of wine was found increased sexual activity compared to teetotalors. Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants have the same positive effect on female libido. One tip: Read the article again, at the end of the working day and put official start of the upcoming holiday festivities!

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